This Video Shows MS Dhoni Is The ‘Real Boss’ On The Field

India managed to win the third ODI against New Zealand in a thriller and while Kohli is the captain of the squad, there is still a lot of respect for the inputs that Dhoni gives to the rest of the team. Yuzvendra Chahal, one of the youngsters who has managed to find a spot of the team.


Yuzvendra Chahal was being interviewed before the ODI and Chahal was asked about Dhoni’s leadership qualities still out:

“Dhoni bhai is still our captain,” Chahal had told NDTV.Com. “Sometimes, when Kohli bhai fields at mid-on or long-on, then we need someone who can guide us too. It is not possible for Kohli to come up and tell what needs to be done. Then, Dhoni takes over,” he said.

Dhoni signals Kohli to remain at his place. He says things like – tu wahi reh, mai dekh lunga (You stay there, I will handle),” Chahal had said. “Actually, it saves time too. Dhoni has abundance of experience with him. We all are lucky that we are sharing the field with him.”

It is nice that Dhoni still plays the role of the leader because it helps take some pressure off Kohli during the game.

Dhoni is still the go-to man for Kohli during these games because he needs some guidance at times with regards to fielder placement and Dhoni is able to help him, having a better view from behind the stumps.

Here is the clip showing setting the field:


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