Star Cricketers And Their Favourite Food

Cricket is a sport where the players need to be physically fit in order to be able to hit the big sixes. With diets playing a much bigger role in the game as never before, cricketers are not able to eat their favourite foods. However, if given the chance, what would these cricketers eat a lot of?

David Warner:

david warner

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The Australian batsman is known for his remarkable hitting skills despite his short frame. His favourite food has been revealed as American cuisine and in particular, a nice juicy, chicken avocado sandwich.

MS Dhoni:

ms dhoni

The powerful Indian captain is one of the hardest hitters of the cricket ball the world has ever seen. Most of his power is generated from those powerful arms of his and it looks like a fair bit of it has been supplemented by his favourite food: tikkas and kababs of the non-veg variety.

Sachin Tendulkar:

sachin tendulkar

Probably the greatest batsman the world has ever seen, Sachin Tendulkar loves his prawns, as he is Maharashtrian. He also loves the simple and humble dal-chawal with a dash of cheese.

Chris Gayle:

chris gayle

Hailing from Jamaica, known for its rich fare, Chris Gayle’s favourite foods are the traditional Ackee and Saltfish.

Virat Kohli:

virat kohli

Being a Punjabi, Kohli is a big time foodie. However, his diet constraints don’t let him gorge on his favourite foods. He is a fan of butter chicken and parantha as well as sushi, of which he can get a lot of considering its protein value.

AB De Villiers:

ab de villiers

The South African legend is known to be a fun and simple guy off the field, and his choice in food also is the same. De Villiers loves his pasta and can cook it and eat it regularly.

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