Meet Not-So-Popular Gorgeous WAGs Of Indian Cricket

The term WAG has been around for a while and stands for Wives and Girlfriends of popular sportsmen. While they get to jet-set all around the world with their husbands, they do not have it easy as the pressure can sometimes get to them too.

That being said, they still have a fun time and have made a career for themselves on many occasions. While some of the most popular WAGs have been chronicled for the Indian team, here’s a list of the not-so-popular WAGs:

Arthi Srikkanth:

arthi anirudha

The son of Kris Srikkanth, Anirudha played for the CSK team and Tamil Nadu Ranji team. While he wasn’t as successful as his father, he did strike the bonus as his wife Arthi is a popular actress down South.

Sushmita Roy:

manoj tiwary wife

One player who didn’t get to stay in the Indian team for a longer time is Manoj Tiwary. He is however a great performer in the domestic circuit. He is married to the pretty Sushmita Roy.

Priya Thalur:


The Smiling Assassin, Lakshmipathy Balaji has represented India at the highest level and has shown he has the skill to be at the top. Off the field, he is married to the beautiful Priya Thalur.

Richa Sharma:

vinay kumar wife

One of the best bowlers from Karnataka, Vinay Kumar did get to play a few games for the Indian team as well. He is married to a blogger from Delhi, Richa Sharma.

Shreyasi Rudra:

dinda wife

The West Bengal bowler, Ashoke Dinda has been popular for his flamboyant dressing sense on the field. His wife Shreyasi Rudra is a worker in a leading MNC.

Tanya Yadav:

tanya umesh yadav

The fast bowler who recently got his 100th wicket for the country in ODI cricket is married to a fashion designer named Tanya. Umesh and Tanya keep sharing their pictures on social networking websites.

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