Humour: Imaginary Conversations Between Indian Cricketers

While the Indian team are doing the country proud with their superb performances, here’s a look at some of the funny (imaginary) conversations between players.

NOTE: This is a humour article and should be taken in jest. 

1) On the number 4 position:

pandya dhoni raina

Hardik: So guys, guess I am the new number 4 batter in the squad.

Dhoni: You may be, but that’s only because I let you to do so.

Hardik: What do you mean? Ravi bhai was the one who promoted me up the order.

Dhoni: Yeah, but that was because I bought him into the team.

Hardik: What do you mean? You’re not the captain anymore.

Dhoni: The next time we’re playing, see who takes the DRS decisions.

Hardik: That’s you.

Dhoni: Same applies off the field as well 😉

2) On Bumrah and Bhuvi’s death bowling:

bhuvi bumrah

Bumrah: I am the best death bowler in the world. Batsmen cannot see my deliveries.

Bhuvi: I think I am, because I know how to work the ball in all stages of the game.

Bumrah: Yeah, but I was taught by the legend of death bowling, Lasith Malinga.

Bhuvi: And I was taught by the Steyn Gun himself – Dale Steyn.

Bumrah: I wonder who’s gonna solve this dilemma?

Nehra: Ok guys, what’s happening here?

BUmrah: We were just discussing who the best bowler is, but now we realised, we’re just competing for second place. Welcome Nehraji.

3) On the spinner dilemma:

ashwin jadeja

Ashwin: Ok, enough is enough, guys, I need my place back in the squad.

Jadeja: Yeah! Me too. It’s gone on too long now.

Chahal: Okay, I’ll ask you a few simple questions.

Jadeja and Ash: Sure.

Chahal: Which team did you guys beat in the 2011 IPL final?

Both: RCB.

Kuldeep: Which team is Virat a part of in the IPL?
Both: RCB.

Chahal: Which team am I a part of?

Both: RCB!!

Chahal: Exactly. ☺

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