Indian Cricket Fans Prove Why They Are The Best In The World

To Indians cricket is no less than a religion and that’s exactly why we’re fanatical about cricket. Indian cricket fans are very whimsical about the performance of their team and their best players.

This frantic zeal of Indian cricket fans gets ugly at times just like it did after the Kangaroos defeated India in the second T20 at Guwahati.

A Team India fan got so distraught at India’s loss that he threw a stone on Team Australia’s bus as players were returning to their hotel after the game.

The stone lashed one of the windows towards the right side of the bus. This was rather a shameful incident and certainly uncalled for. A game must be taken as a game and there has to be a winning side and a losing one.

But India’s warmness and cordiality did now reflect in this shameful stone throwing by an Indian fan but it showed in the manner how Indian fans apologised to the Aussies.

Several Indian cricket fans stood outside the Hotel next day with posters and placards reading heartfelt notes of apology for the condemnable action of a fan.

India has always been a warm host to not just cricketers from around the world but tourists in general. This stone throwing event was indeed very rare and stupid but Indians did not own up for this action by a fan who took his frantic instincts way too far.

Indians outside the team hotel in Guwahati had warm apologies to offer and the sight of it we are sure would have been loved by the Aussies.

By Divesh Gill

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