Is MS Dhoni Being Mishandled By The Team Management?

M.S Dhoni still gets a huge quantum of love from the crowd whenever he walks on to the field. His legacy as much larger than the team for he would always be the captain who won two World Cups for his nation! Even though he handed over the helm of the team to Kohli he’s still a player larger than life and no can take this away from him.


Since he has handed over the baton to Kohli and has just been a valuable player of the team his contributions have become even more significant. After passing on the captaincy on to the young shoulders of Virat Kohli, the wicket keeper batsman has up his game from both, behind the wicket and with the bat. But is the team management treating a player of his class well?

Dhoni is still one of the best finishers in the limited over versions of the game but is the team management giving him the due respect he rightly deserves? In the last few innings we’ve seen the batting order being shuffled way too much. It’s seem like the team management is experimenting a lot and hence M.S Dhoni’s batting spot is being shuffled every now and then.

He’s being treated as a new guy in the team and hence his particular batting number is being tampered with. Well this is something the team management needs to take notice of for a player of his stature is too big to be treated like this.

Dhoni averages almost 90 since September

Since September 2017 Mahi has notched up 627 runs in just 14 innings with a staggering average of close to 90. By no means should he be treated the way with which he is being handled by team management and this is indeed condemnable.


His batting position has been made very arbitrary. It seems like Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri has no fixed batting number for a player like Dhoni and they just send him whenever they feel like. With this attitude from the team management then every time MS Dhoni fails to deliver there starts a debate about his place in the team.

Dhoni has been involved in some crunch situations in the recent matches from where he guided India to a victory. He has been involved in some match winning partnerships in the lower middle order. These include one very crucial partnership with Hardik Pandaya at Chepauk to see India home against the Aussies. He was also involved in a 100 Run partnership with Bhuvneshwar Kumar against Sri Lanka. Hence, there is no reason as to why he should be treated the way he is being treated.

Dhoni being treated like a new guy striving for place.

He’s sometimes sent after Hardik Pandaya and at times after Kedhar Yadav and there’s is such ambiguity about his batting place. Given his composed demeanour Mahi doesn’t complain but as being Indian Cricket’s fan we feel bad and rather wrathful over this mishandling of our favourite Skipper.

The way he is pushed down the order every time India is in a comfortable position is bizarre. We understand that the team management wants to give some glory to the young guns but should their glory come at the cost of Dhoni’s match practice?


Ill treatment detrimental to his enthusiasm to play the 2019 world cup

M.S Dhoni has always expressed great enthusiasm to be a part of India’s 2019 campaign but seeing how he is being treated his cause of playing the World Cup might get corroded. This may be too detrimental to his self-respect and he would any day choose grace over glory.

If this mishandling leads to his hanging of boots then this would be really very unprofessional and unethical on part of the team management including the skipper, Kohli. The team management needs to stop treating him like a guy striving for place in the team immediately!

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