Open Letter To Ashish Nehra By An Indian Cricket Fan

Dear Ashish Nehra aka Nehra Ji,

Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and the funniest of moods. Trust me, the Gaurav Kapoor interview on Breakfast for Champions was easily one of the top five sports interviews I have ever seen.

Sourav Ganguly, Yuvraj Singh, Ashish Nehra

Your jovial nature is something that is to be admired to be honest. It is also the reason that you are still so successful. Your ability to take things in your stride and accept it as part of life is one of the main reasons that you have not been bogged down by negativity or injuries and as they say, you can never keep a good man down.

If sources are to be believed, you are retiring on November 1st, which means that a long career of nearly 18 years is finally drawing to a close. For a fast bowler, that is mind-boggling considering the abuse the body goes through due to the rigours.

Long career:

The fact that you are the only player still playing to have featured Mohammad Azharuddin means that there is obviously something special. Azhar was such a long time back in cricket, so it means that you have well and truly entered the millennium and seen Indian cricket rise right in front of your eyes.

As cricket fans, you have provided us with moments that can never be forgotten, with the most prominent one being the six wickets picked up against England in the 2003 World Cup. To see you make comeback after comeback was thrilling and the way you’ve paced your career is nothing short of remarkable.

The most telling aspect is the way you embraced T20 and allowed it to breathe and become a part of your life. That in itself, was a sign that you were willing to adapt to the times and perform according to what was required and capable of you.

ashish nehra

I am sure the team members will miss you a lot. The stories of your talkative and lively nature are the stuff of legend and your retirement too, will be one that ends in a legendary manner – With a game at the place it all started – The Ferozeshah Kotla. It will be an emotional moment for me and Indian cricket fans because you have been an integral part of our lives and given us so many good memories.

Good luck for the future and thank you once again!

A big fan!

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