Per Day Salaries Of Cricket Commentators

One of the most entertaining aspect of a cricket game is when a commentator is able to describe the proceedings in an interesting and entertaining way. They can derive insights and harp on past experiences which make the game more interesting to watch.

sanjay manjrekar

If being a commentator is one of the dreams that you may have, then you can give it a shot because they get paid really well.

For example, Sanjay Manjrekar, according to information on the BCCI website, makes more than 25 lakhs per series. In Jan 2016, he had received a sum total of Rs. 36, 49, 375 from the BCCI for the South Africa series in 2015.

That means, he got that amount for talking for 4 Test matches in total, which had only 12 days of play in total.

If that was the scale with which one is able to calculate, then the BCCI pays commentators based on working days, then the total fee comes to a massive Rs. 3, 04, 000 lakhs per day.

Similarly, Anil Kumble was paid Rs. 39,10,500 Lakhs for being the commentator in 5 ODIs and 4 Test matches in the same series.

With that as the parameter, commentators easily make at least Rs. 2 to 2.5 Lakhs per match day which is really good. However, it depends on board to board and series, but at the end of the day, as Ravi Shastri said, cricket is the real winner, or in this case, commentators are the real winner.

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