Richest Indian Cricketers Of All Time

With Virat Kohli going past Lionel Messi in the Forbes list of the richest athletes of the world you would surely be keen to know about richest Indian cricketers.

As Kohli scaled to the 7th spot in the Forbes list with a net worth of USD 15.5m we understand your curiosity to know who the richest Indian cricketers are.

Saif Ali Kahn’s father and former cricketer Nawab Pataudi once said that if the International Cricket Council is the voice of cricket then BCCI is the invoice of cricket. Well as we know that BCCI is the most affluent cricket board in the world and hence a career with team India means that you would earn more than just what is called hefty. So, now we know that Kohli is the richest cricketer in the world let’s see which are the other richest cricketers who play for the BCCI or formerly played in Indian colours.

Here’s the Indian Cricketers Rich List

Sourav Ganguly 


He is one of the most aggressive captains to have led the team and also one of the most successful. Dada’s richness can be estimated by the fact that he owns sprawling properties of Rs 45 crore. Besides this he owns luxurious cars amounting to 7 crores. Well that’s like too rich to be jealous of!

Dada enjoys a remuneration of 5 crore from the BCCI and his endorsements fetch him another 2 crores per year. That’s like the combined salary of an entire batch of computer engineers. Ouch engineers!

This isn’t just all about his richness. He also co owns a team in the Indian Soccer League.

Gautam Gambhir 

gautam gambhir comeback new zealand

He’s not just rich at bank balance but also amply rich at heart. You would have often heard about news of Gauti accepting the onus of education of children of soldiers who laid down their lives in the line of duty. This is what makes us respect him much more than his batting skills. His net worth is USD 15.2 million and that’s humongous.

His properties add upto a whopping

85 crores and the bungalow he stays in is of a value of 18 crores.

Gauti earns as much as 10 crores from the board and IPL each other despite his exit from the national game. In addition to the already hefty earnings he also earns around 5 crores from all his brand endorsements.

The KKR captain owns a Hummer, Mercedes Benz and also an Audi. I wonder what will people do with such richness.

Rohit Sharma 


Hitman who has the potential to deposit balls into the orbit is amazingly rich. The two time double ton scorer in ODIs has a net worth of USD 18.7 million and is the 8th in the list. 11.5 crores per annum is what he earns from the BCCI and Mumbai Indians per year while his remuneration from his brand endorsements is 7.5 crores.

He has modern luxury cars of worth 5 crores and his personal properties and investments are of about 89 crores. Well if he gives half of it to me he’d still be ultra-rich!

Yuvraj Singh 

yuvraj singh

The left handed Punjabi batsman has been playing for India for 16 years now. We can never forget his contributions to the Indian cricket especially how he crafted the 2011 World Cup win for India. The fact that he came back to cricket after cancer will inspire people worldwide forever. Yuvi’s net worth is around 146 crores and he has an affluent IPL contract of 7 crores.

The stylish batsman also earns handsomely from his sponsors and endorsements. He gets 7.5 crores per annum from them.

Yuvi has personal investments worth 45 crores and he also runs a charitable organisation named ‘YouWeCan’ and is believed to have contributed around 50 crores for charity. He also enjoys Royalty from hai autobiography named “The Test of My Life”

Suresh Raina 


He’s been waiting for a comeback in the team for long and is struggling with fitness to come back. But Raina has enjoyed a long and lavish career already and has earned profoundly from it. Raina is one of the only two players who have hit a ton in T20 for India.

Raina has an estimated net worth of whopping 150 crores. He is the captain of Gujarat Lions and gets a salary of 9.5 crores from his IPL franchise. Besides this he has a large number of brand endorsements to his name like ceat, Pepsi, Adidas and many more.

He lives in his Ghaziabad residence currently which is worth 18 crores and he has real estate investments of as much as 45 crores across the nation.

Yusuf Pathan 


The elder of the Pathan brothers is way too rich than Gambhir or even Rohit Sharma despite a short lived career.

Pathan Bhaijaan has been a valuable cricketer to KKR with his all round skills and has also had a decent career in the national team.

He has a net worth of USD 26.5 million the bulk of which comes from his IPL contract. He also has endorsements like Reebok to

add to his salary from cricket. He also runs a cricket academy with Irfan Pathan in Baroda which is one of the best residential academies in the nation.

Virender Sehwag 

sehwag akhtar

So what if his allocation for Team India’s coach was turned down? Viru Paji is one of the most entertaining commentators ever. Sehwag has served the Indian team for a very long time and has made bowlers cry for very long with his own version of batting technique.

The Nawab of Nazafgarh is no less than a real Nawab as he has a net worth of USD 40 million. He’s one of the mentors of Kings XI in the IPL and also owns a school to his name. His annual salary is USD 5.7 million and around USD 4 million is what he earns from endorsements.

Besides being monetarily very rich Viru Paji is also rich in witty sense of humour which is often seen at Twitter.

Virat Kohli 

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The only cricketer in the Forbes list of 100 highest paid athletes and now he has surpassed Lionel Messi too in terms of brand value. Virat Kohli is the best batsman in the modern day game and at such a young age he has challenged all the batting records the veteran cricketers made. He’s the face you see in almost every endorsement now and besides that he also owns an online clothing franchise named ‘Wrogn’

Kohli has a net worth of USD 60 million and he’s the highest paid player in the IPL. Kohli has properties worth a staggering 42 crores. His net worth is estimated to increase by 140% in the coming few years and he would very soon be the richest of all in the world to no one’s surprise.

M.S Dhoni 

ms dhoni

Dhoni has retired from Test cricket but he’s still one of the most loved cricketers in the world. He’s the most successful captain India has ever had who has won India both the 50 over and the T20 World Cup. His greatness is something that we can write endlessly on it.

His net worth is USD 110 million which is almost double of that of Kohli’s. His personal investments are more than the worth of 500 crores and his collection of luxury cars and bikes amounts to around 25 crores! He’s is ultra-rich or in fact infinitesimally rich!

He gets around 15 crores from IPL each other and now he’s likely to return to CSK which makes a comeback after two years of ban.

To explain his richness we will have to write a different cover story dedicated to just him. Mahi also co owns a team in the Indian Soccer League and his brand endorsements too bring him enormous money each year. Dhoni’s net worth is much more than half that of Jharkhand.

Sachin Tendulkar


Sachin Tendulkar’s career is an era in itself. He started playing for India at the age of 16 and had a career as much almost 2.5 decades before he hung his boots. He’s no less than a messiah of cricket in India and the messiah’s net worth is a colossal 1066 crores. He’s also a Rajya Sabha MP and also continues to be associated with the game as one of the mentors of Mumbai Indians.

His richness is unmatched! He owns 3 restaurants in Mumbai and Bangalore in partnership and is the face of over 20 brands. Master Blaster has over 10 cars and personal investments amounting to 500 crores. He owns a team in Kabaddi Pro League, in the Indian Soccer League and also a badminton team. Kerala Blasters in the IPL, Bangalore Blasters in the domestic badminton league and Tamil Thalaivas in the Kabaddi League are all his. He’s the king when it comes to being a rich Indian cricketer but he may soon be surpassed by Kohli given how he is growing in stature each day.

By Divesh Gill

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