This Is Where Our Favourite Cricketers Went For Honeymoon


Marriage is a beautiful institution and it adds new dimensions and responsibilities to life as you dedicate yourself to someone for life thereafter. Hence, this saga of new responsibilities and facades is marked with a celebration called Honeymoon. So, being a cricket fanatic did you ever wondered as to where did your favourite cricketers go for their Honeymoons after tying the knot with their pretty better halves? You like to know everything about them, right? How can you miss out on this interesting sneak peek into their lives then?


M.S Dhoni


MS is as cool as ice when it comes to demeanour and he stays almost the same on the field and off the field. Just like his calm personality he chose Goa to spend time with his wife. He kept it pretty simple and subtle like every other thing.


Rahul Dravid

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Jammy is simple and he likes to keep things simple but he didn’t like the idea of a simple honeymoon. Rahul Dravid took his wife Vijeta to the beautiful Scotland which is enormously famous for its castles and iconic scenic beauty.



Ajinkya Rahane


The stylish batsman who’s cementing his place across formats choose the mesmerising the alluring natural realms of Bali, Indonesia. Ajinkya Rahane is married to Radhika Dhopavkar since 2014.



Gautam Gambhir


His choice of Honeymoon destination was no unusual. He chose one of the most popular and loved honeymoon destinations to take his wife  Natasha Jain is to. The left handed dynamic batsman chose Maldives.




Shikhar Dhawan


Gabbar is enjoying a dream run of form this year. Dhawan for his honeymoon took his wife Ayesha to Australia for that is where it all began for them!



Umesh Yadav


The tall dark handsome speedster fancied Paris as the perfect perfect Honeymoon destination. We’re sure going to Paris would have been her fashion designer wife’s idea! What better for Romance than Paris?



Sachin Tendulkar


The master blaster too kept it pretty simple like Mahi and preferred Goa to any foreign destination for his honeymoon with wife Anjali.



Saurav Ganguly



The former Indian captain resorted to the Caribbean’s for his honeymoon.  Caribbean’s has a sprawling natural beauty and Dona and Saurav chose that over others.


Virendra Sehwag


Viru paji is amazing at whatever he does. He’s a sporty personality all round the year. He took his wife Aarthi to the mesmerising Switzerland. Sehwag’s surely profoundly romantic to have chosen Switzerland.



Robin Uthappa


Well Israel isn’t everyone’s choice or rather unusual but never mind Israel too is amply alluring. Yeah that’s where he took his wife Sheetal to for their honeymoon.


We would soon want Kohli and Anushka to feature in this list! Aren’t we too eager for that already?


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