Umesh Yadav’s Love Story Is No Less Than A Bollywood Film

The tall, dark and handsome speedster Umesh Yadav is one of the quickest in the Indian bowling line up. When on the field he only means business and from the outset, he doesn’t seem like someone who’s too romantic. But that’s not true, the young gun who is growing as a bowler day by day has a very cute love story every cricket fan must know about.

umesh yadav

He’s a bowler who is always attacking the opposition. He asks some serious questions to the batsmen with the ball and mostly the batsmen are seen scuffling for answers. Perhaps you wouldn’t know that Umesh is the first cricketer from Vidarbha to play for India and hence he’s a metaphor to Vidarbha’s pride.

Umesh is a romantic guy at heart

Unlike the angry young man you see him as on the field Umesh is a sweetheart in personal life. He has a very interesting and adorable love story which many wouldn’t know about. Indian Premier League has done wonders to budding cricketers in India by giving them an amazing platform but for Umesh IPL is even more special.

While to others IPL is about opportunities to him IPL is about being the catalyst of his love life. Yes, it was the IPL where he found the love of his life and later married her. The cute couple tied the knot in 2013.

How did this cute love story start?

It all started with friendship like most love stories. His better half, Tanya had visited the stadium to enjoy a game of IPL with a friend and that’s where the love birds met for the first time. It was through this common friend that they came across each other and then friendship grew into profound love and then they tied the knot.

tanya umesh yadav

Such a sorted and cute love story that is! Who knew Umesh was this romantic? Good to have found the lover boy behind the fierce pacer and it’s to the much amusement of everyone.

Umesh hails from a humble background 

Umesh who is now a rich cricketer, thanks to BCCI and IPL otherwise belongs to a very humble background. His father worked as a coal labourer in the coal mines near Nagpur and we are sure that now his family would be enormously proud of what the small town talent has achieved.

Before he made it really big by knocking the doors of the Indian dressing room Umesh had applied for the job of a police officer. We’re only glad that he got the ultimate opportunity to serve Indian cricket.

Tanya is always in awe of him!

Tanya always seems to be in the awe of hubby Umesh. In an interview she talked about how Umesh proposed her for marriage and how she responded with an instant yes.

umesh yadav

What she loves the most about the stalwart bowler is the fact that he’s very cultured, simple and down to earth which of course is prominent. She also said that even if she gets too loud then too the cute pacer interrupts in a gently polite and subtle manner.

What is the one thing Tanya does not like about Umesh?

Now what she doesn’t like about Umesh is a reason as cute as their love story. The only thing Tanya does not like about her husband is the fact that he’s too tall while she’s short. This is what makes her upset at times but all in all the equation between these two lovers is as cute as it gets.

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