VIDEO: This Is How Arjun Tendulkar Impressed Virat Kohli In The Nets

So what if Little Master has said goodbye to the batting crease forever? If one Tendulkar is gone then the other Tendulkar is all set to knock the doors of the Indian dressing room. Like Father, Like Son! Yes, we’re taking about Arjun Tendulkar. Arjun is now all grown up son of the Little Master and while Sachin was about hitting all bowlers across the park, Arjun is about sending batsmen back to pavilion.


These pictures of Arjun Tendulkar showcasing his bowling skills against the best batsman in the world speak for him. Isn’t it just amazing and amusing to see Arjun bowl to Virat Kohli in the nets?

We’ve been hearing a lot about him since he was spotted in the nets bowling to the Indian Women Team ahead of the finals which Mithali Raj’s girls couldn’t cling on to. Arjun studies in the United Kingdom and is an aspiring cricketer. He’s a left armed pacer and he seems very impressive and very imminent to the national selection.

Sachin’s career has been enormously acclaimed but Arjun surely doesn’t just want to be known as Master Blaster’s son. He is more than determined to make his own mark in cricket and seeing how well he’s being groomed se can see that happening pretty soon. He’s also pretty famous for his resemblance to Justin Bieber and hence pretty famous among girls.

The video of Arjun bowling to veteran Indian batsmen in the nets is going viral especially the one where in he can be seen bowling to Kohli. How cool is that? Bowling to the best batsman in the world who’s none less than a technique book of cricket is so cool.

arjun tendulkar

His action seems pretty impressive as its high arm followed by a clean follow through. He has a fluent run up in the video you can make out that he has some decent pace under his belt. If he keeps up this hard work then surely we would have another young Tendulkar making his way to the national team. Goodluck Buddy!

VIDEO: This Is How Arjun Tendulkar Impressed Virat Kohli In The Nets

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