VIDEO: Virat Kohli And MS Dhoni’s Bromance In The Middle Of The Pitch

Two of India’s most powerful and popular cricketers at the moment are easily Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni. While Dhoni has won everything there is to win as a captain for India, Kohli has taken over the reins and has shown that he has the capabilities of taking up the demanding role.


While the two players are extremely respectful of each other and are always talking during a game, they share a warm relationship outside the game too, with Kohli and Dhoni’s 2-year old daughter Ziva sharing a special bond.

Kohli started his career under MS Dhoni’s captaincy and he has always said that Dhoni has played role in his career. In the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, it was Dhoni’s decision to send Virat at number 4 in the batting order and drop Yuvraj Singh and himself at number 5 and 6 respectively. And, many believe that added responsibility in the biggest tournament made Virat Kohli a more responsible batsman that what he was before the tournament.

Bromance on show:

During the first ODI between India and New Zealand, both Dhoni and Kohli were batting well in the middle overs before Dhoni perished. However, it was one small, insignificant moment that actually ended up captivating the hearts of Indian cricket fans.

While there was an over change, Kohli walked up to Dhoni to discuss something and Dhoni had taken his helmet off. Kohli just removed something that was on Dhoni’s face; probably dirt. The BCCI did not miss this moment to highlight the closeness of the two cricketers.


Old picture of Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni

They tweeted of the bromance between the two and this was reiterated by many of the other fans as well as they let their love spill over onto the micro-blogging platform. It was a lovely moment for the fans as two of the most loved cricketers in the history of Indian cricket were seen sharing a ‘bromance’ moment in the middle. Watch the video here:

VIDEO: Virat Kohli And MS Dhoni’s Bromance In The Middle Of The Pitch

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