This Pakistani Journalist Slammed Babar Azam’s Comparison With Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli’s legacy is radiating everywhere and the spectrum of his fan base is only getting broader and broader each day. Virat Kohli has emerged as not just India’s favourite batsman but also a cricketer loved beyond borders. He is loved and respected all over the world for the cricketer he is and even more imperatively the character he is.


He is briskly turning every batting record in his favour and he seems unstoppable at the moment. His rise is just like that of an emperor whose empire is touching new skies every day. He is a symbol of national pride and if someone says that he does not deserve all this respect and love then the person saying this would be stupid for sure.

He is loved by people and media in not just India but all over the globe and a similar display of love this time came from Pakistan. A news anchor from our neighbouring nation was talking about Virat’s stalwart batting style and then one of the panellists started criticising Virat Kohli.

Then what followed was an amazing exhibition of the Anchor’s love and respect for Kohli. Her response was befitting! Stopping the panellist midway, she said, “Are you even aware of Virat Kohli’s standard?”

The panellist was left all dry and high and the only option he had was to agree to the anchor and take his words back. The panellist who was stunned by the Anchor’s applause for Kohli then said that Pakistani players must show their real skills and a chance must be given to the youngsters in the team.

Seeing this amount of love and respect for Kohli from across the border you would surely smile and wonder for a while forgetting everything else that how wonderful it would have been if India and Pakistan were good friends.

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