This Exchange Of Tweets Between KL Rahul And Virat Kohli Is As Cool As RCB

Every Indian cricket fan went crazy on Virat Kohli’s 29th Birthday and loved poured in from all directions. From fans to Bollywood to his teammates and everyone extended heartfelt wishes to the veteran batsman who’s unarguably the best in the contemporary phase of cricket.


Virat Kohli’s stardom is going strength to strength each day and it seems just like the train in the Hollywood movie, ‘Unstoppable.’ As everyone showered love on Kohli, the captain later thanked everyone through a Tweet.

In the Tweet he said, “Really overwhelmed to see all the love and wishes.” The most interesting wish however to Kohli was from his teammate KL Rahul. Rahul too poured love for Kohli on his birthday but in a little sassy way.

With the wish Rahul also asked him to stop making batting look that easy. Haha! You got to be on Rahul’s side here! Replying to this message from KL Rahul, Kohli went Raghu Ram Rajan style.

Raghu Ram Rajan is an eminent economist and the former governor of the RBI who was quite famous for taking on the government and standing by what he opined. In this tussle between Rajan and the government the media gave him different names like ‘Hawk’ or ‘Santa Claus’ and he simply used to say, “My name is Raghu Ram Rajan and I do what I do.” Well that’s one classy statement.

Reminds me a little of My Name is Khan. So, Kohli too went the Rajan way and in a classic reply to Rahul he said, “ I am Virat Kohli and I do what I do.” Perhaps Kohli likes Raghu Rajan way too much. It was a perfect birthday for Kohli not only because of the love that was splashed but also the fact that his team gave him a perfect gift by winning the T20 series against the Kiwis. But who’s the hero of this reply? Kohli or Raghu Ram Rajan?