6 Indian Cricketers Who Were Reprimanded By ICC

Code of Conduct is something that is very important in every field. Things only seem graceful and organised when they happen as per certain norms. From cricket to the corporate world, everything dwells on a code of conduct. Talking about cricket the code of conduct has been laid down by the International Cricket Council which was set up on June 15th, 1909.

The onus since then has been on the ICC to ensure fair play during matches and to set the guidelines pertaining to the code of conduct. Under the ICC’s code of conduct, several defaulters have been dealt with and penalised according to the nature of the default. From deduction of match fees to bans being imposed, ICC has always been very particular about the fact that those who err must be pulled up for it.

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If ESPN is to be believed then between 1992 and 2016 as much as 291 players and team officials have been held in contempt of the code of conduct which again showcases the fact that you can just not mess around with the ICC code of conduct or else you’ll be penalised.

Team India which at present is at the top of ICC rankings for both Tests and ODIs is at the top of the list of defaulters to the code of conduct too. As per the above-mentioned report of ESPN number of offences by India are 78 followed by our not so friendly neighbours, Pakistan (58), Australia (53) and Bangladesh (26).

So, this is interesting but not much interesting! What is even more interesting is the list of the Indian players who have taken the brunt of ICC when they fiddled with the ICC code of conduct. You would find all your favourite cricket stars in this list.

1. Virat Kohli

Oh yes, how he could not be in the list! Captain Kohli was found guilty of breaching the Level 1 code of conduct of ICC during the Asia Cup T20 final against Pakistan in 2016. He had to wash hands with his 30% match fees for that.
He was then the vice-captain of the team and after he was dismissed in the 15th over he expressed vehement dissent with the bat and then made his way to the pavilion giving an intense frown to the umpire and uttering words to him on his way back. This incident later got him in trouble.


2. MS Dhoni

His charisma is such that you don’t really expect him to break any rules ever but he too has defaulted on the ICC code of conduct. The incident dates back to 2015, it was a one day match between India and Bangladesh. Dhoni ended up paying a fine of 75% match fees of his.


Would you believe it? Mahi was booked in contempt of article 2.2.4 of ICC Code of Conduct for players and players support staff. He was fined for indulging in inappropriate and deliberate physical contact between players in the course of playing an international match. MS Dhoni made a physical contact with Mustafizur Rahman while taking a single.

3. Sachin Tendulkar

Little Master has had an illustrious career away from controversies and feuds. He has always been modest but he too is one of the defaulters of the ICC Code of Conduct. He was found guilty of tampering the ball during the 2001 India’s tour of South Africa. Sachin was penalised with a 75% match fee deduction. Later Sachin in his defence said that he was just trying to take off the dirt from the ball.

4. Sourav Ganguly

The former Indian captain was banned for two test matches after found guilty of breaching clause C1 of the code of conduct. He was found guilty of slow over rate against Pakistan in November 2004.
You would be amazed to know that he during his career was pulled up by the ICC for 12 times which is a record in itself. As per an Australian newspaper, the Sunday Telegraph Sourav Ganguly has in all paid around USD 50000 for breaching the ICC code of conduct during his career. That is whopping!

5. Gautam Gambhir

Oh yes, this is the famous elbow incident between Gauti and Watson and also the Gambhir- Afridi standoff. Gambhir is a hot head as temperamental as Kohli.
In 2007 the opening batsman was fined with 50% match fees for indulging in an inappropriate physical contact “Boom Boom Afridi.” There was also a lot of verbal love that was showered by them on each other which you can easily find on Youtube.
Then in 2008 Gauti was rewarded with a one-match ban after the indulging in a little elbow fight with Shane Watson. Gambhir is these days popular for his Patriotism exhibited on Twitter.
6. ‘Sir’ Jadeja

Jadeja has not been seen in action in a while now after Kuldeep Yadav and Chahal have spun their way into being regulars with the team. In August 2017 Sir Jadeja was suspended for a test after he threw the ball back at the opener of his own bowling. The umpire termed his action as ‘dangerous’ and later Jadeja admitted that he had erred.

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