10 Best Bowling Figures In Test Cricket History

The very idea of Test Cricket seems to be dying in the contemporary world. Neither is the new generation of cricketers much interested by the thought of playing test cricket nor the new generation of fans.

Everyone is short of time, everyone has to run after achievements and hence the shorter formats are gaining on popularity while the longest format’s future seems bleak. But we must never forget the origin of cricket and the origin would always be Test Cricket. So, let’s relive once again the magic of Test cricket from the purview of these best ever test cricket bowling performances.

1. Jim Laker 10/53

This incident hails from 1956 when a spinner took all 10 wickets in an innings. All the Australian wickets were bagged by this England spinner at Manchester and this bowling performance tops the list.

jim laker

2. Anil Kumble 10/74

This is when the ‘Jumbo’ came up with a jumbo exhibition of fine bowling. Who could have been a better opponent thank Pakistan and what could have been a better venue than Delhi? He became the second bowler to take 10 wickets in an innings in the year 1999.


3. George Lohmann 9/28

Third in the list is another story from the past. In 1896 Lohmann picked up 9 South African wickets at Johannesburg.

George Lohmann

4. Jim Laker 9/37

Yet again Jim Laker is here. This time again it’s about his bowling performance against the Aussies and this time too it’s at Manchester. Laker spun his way to picking up 9 wickets for just 37.

5. Muthiah Muralitharan 9/51

How can he not feature in the list? He’s one of the greatest cricketers that have served the game. He has the record for most test and ODI wickets. He picked up 9 wickets for 51 against Zimbabwe in 2002.

muttiah muralitharan

6. Sir Richard Hadlee

Sir Richard Hadlee picked up 9 for 52 against the Aussies in 1985 at Brisbane. He’s one of the most successful and impactful all rounders of all times.

richard hadlee

7. Abdul Qadir 9/56

The former googly master from Pakistan is 7th in the list with figures of 9 for 56. This achievement was scripted at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore in the year 1987. Abdul Qadir’s web of spin got England tumbling.

Abdul Qadir

8. Devon Malcolm 9/57

The English bowler ripped apart the Proteas batting order in 1994 when he picked up 9 wickets for just 57. Malcom is 8th in the list for this staggering performance.

Devon Malcolm

9. Muthiah Muralitharan 9/65

Again the stalwart spinner is here. This time for his figures against England at the Lords. He picked up 9 wickets and became the second bowler to pick 9 wickets in twice in his career.

muttiah muralitharan

10. Jasubhai Patel 9/69

We’re only glad that there’s another Indian in the list. Former Indian spinner, Patel took 9 wickets against the Aussies in 1959. He achieved this great moment at Kanpur and got immortal forever in the record books of cricket.

Jasubhai Patel