Dennis Freedman Trolled Sachin Tendulkar And This Made Indian Cricket Fans Very Angry
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Dennis Freedman Trolled Sachin Tendulkar And This Made Indian Cricket Fans Very Angry

Dennis Freedman aka Dennis Does Cricket is known for his funny tweets in which he specially targets Indian cricketers and trolls them. It started with Virat Kohli when Dennis posted a picture of Virat and other Indian cricketers cleaning the stadium to promote ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’ and captioned it: Sweepers clean the stadium in readiness for the World XI match.” 

This created a big controversy on social media as Indian cricket got offended and targeted Dennis by flooding his mention with tweets. But, it worked in Dennis’ favour because he gained popularity among Pakistan cricket fans which resulted in better promotion of his tour ‘Dennis Does Pakistan’.

Dennis never misses out on an opportunity to take sarcastic digs at Indian cricketers and his recent Tweet has yet again triggered a mini nuclear bomb among the cricket fans.

This time on the target of his stale rants is Master Blaster. This time Mr. Freedman used a picture of Maria Sharapova with Jack Ma to insult Sachin Tendulkar and its time that Indian fans teach him a lesson for his stupid adventures

Dennis posted a picture in which Maria Sharapova is posing with Jack Ma and captioned it: “It was a pleasure to finally meet Sachin Tendulkar” Maria Sharapova. 

Maria Sharapova once said that she doesn’t know who Sachin Tendulkar is. This didn’t go down too well with Indian cricket and they trolled her social media. Referring to that statement, Dennis Freedman posted this picture and it went viral. At the time of writing this post, Freedman’s tweet had 1800 retweets and 3500 likes.

This made Indian cricket fans angry and this is how the reacted:

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