Twitter Salutes Mohammed Siraj’s Love For India And Passion For The Game

Cricket is unarguably India’s favourite game. But to millions it’s more than a game, cricket in India is a dream to many. A plethora of youngsters grow up with aspirations of representing India at the international level.

mohammed siraj

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Hence, cricket is so much more than a game. Cricket is a dream, cricket is an emotion and cricket is also a dimension of patriotism in India. Today when Mohammed Siraj got his maiden international cap we could we contemplate his emotions from his eyes.

At moments like these you actually want someone to pinch you to make you realise that things are happening for real. Mohammad Siraj was living the dream of his life when got his first international cap and after team India sang India’s National Anthem Mohammed Siraj’s emotions were hard to resist.

There were tears in his eyes and these tears spoke for his patriotism. To represent the nation meant so much to him and this could well be read in his tears. It was one emotionally drenched moment for the 23 old boy who happens to be an Auto Rickshaw Driver’s son.

As there were tears in Siraj’s eyes which narrated that nation is above religion, Twitter erupted in awe of Mohammed Siraj. Siraj however had a bad first day as he was plundered for many. Though Siraj’s first dismissal was that of the Black Caps skipper, Siraj conceded 53 runs in his spell. India lost by 40 runs chasing a tough target of 197 but still the highlight moment of the match was the exhibition of emotions from Siraj’s eyes.

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