Ross Taylor Says Goodbye To India With A Hilarious Message In Hindi

New Zealand lost both the series but won many hearts in India with their competitive spirit and top quality cricket. Their ace batsman Ross Taylor made useful contributions in the ODI series and became a big hit among Indian crickets because of his Hindi banter with Virender Sehwag on Twitter.

ross taylor

These banters between Taylor and Viru Paji were so hilarious that we would indeed miss Taylor’s presence in India and so would Sehwag. So, it all started when Sehwag appreciated Taylor for stitching a brilliant victory for his team at Mumbai during the ODI series that preceded the T20 series.

Sehwag gave him the title ‘Darji’ which means tailor. Then after New Zealand washed out India at Rajkot, Taylor posted a picture in front of a Tailor’s shop in Rajkot and said that next stitching will be in Trivandrum (In his wonderful Hindi of course) But how could have Sehwag not responded given that he’s Sehwag.

Sehwag then Tweeted in response to Taylor’s tweet that Taylor must be given an Aadhar Card for such wonderful Hindi and we thought Sehwag had the last laugh. But it didn’t just stop there. Just before leaving India, Ross Taylor posted a picture with Ish Sodhi and a team management guy.

He thanked India for its warm hospitality and expressed pleasure in being on the India soil and also revealed that it was Sodhi and this guy from team management who helped him to decode Sehwag’s Tweets in Hindi. He left behind a lovely message before flying back to his den. Taylor tweeted that ‘Dhulai’ (Slogging) and ‘Silai’ (Stitching) will continue in the future as well. For Taylor’s love for India we would want him to come back pretty soon!

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