Video: Mitchell Starc Hits Joe Root With His Brutal Bouncer

In cricket you wouldn’t see the game getting anymore intense than what it does at the Ashes. Ashes isn’t just about cricket but both England and Australia have their prestige at stake in every bit of the Ashes.


The players put all at stake and hence the Ashes become the hottest cricket encounter of all. Victory becomes the only goal and aggression brims everywhere. A similar sight was seen when Joe Root was batting and Mitchell Starc bowled a ferocious bouncer that hit Root on his helmet. It was one hard blow given the pace with which Starc bowled it.

This happened in the 7th over of the second innings of England when Starc hit the helmet at 144.4 kmph. Root was left blank and Starc acted like a gentleman. He rushed towards Root immediately inquired if he was fine. Soon the entire Aussie brigade was seen extending concern for Joe Root. As all this happened Joe Root gave a nice smile to the Aussies especially Starc for their kindness.


To see such amalgam of aggression and gentleman cricket that too in Ashes was a great sight. Besides their aggression and the conventional rivalry the players did not let the gentleman abstract of the game fire out.

But the next ball too was a bouncer

This aggression continued even after the previous delivery went right into Root’s helmet. The game resumed after Joe Root was given the mandatory check by the physiology head. But Starc was still high on aggression and the next ball too turned out to be a bouncer. This time the bouncer was managed nicely by Root and there was another exchange of smiles. Ashes never disappoints to treat cricket fans!


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