Video: MS Dhoni And Virat Kohli Together Led India To A Great Victory

Today’s cut short match was all about high voltage enthusiasm not just in the crowd but also in the field. In the first half we saw Santner showcasing some heroism in athletics especially with the effort that sent Manish Pandey back to the dugout. India had given the visitors a target of 68 in 8 overs which seemed quite manageable initially given the fact that New Zealand is the number one side in T20s.


Their hopes were largely resting on Colin Munro who walked out to bat with some immense momentum of the century he scored at Rajkot. India’s only chance of winning on the other hand was to be exceptional with the ball and in the field. This is exactly what happened in the second over.

Rohit’s blinder electrified the crowd! Bhuvneshwar had already sent back Guptill in the very first over and now it was Bumrah’s turn. In the second over Munro decided to take an aerial route and clear the ropes but he mistimed the stroke and lobbied it in the air.

Rohit Sharma was standing inside the 30 yard circle and the ball apparently seemed out of his reach but Hitman ran after the ball and dived full strength to hold on to a spectacular catch and Munro was sent back to the den. His teammates and the crowd knew how important this wicket was and they were charged up like an electric field in response to a stunning catch by Rohit Sharma.

Here is the video:


India later went on to win the match by 6 runs as Indian bowlers scripted a victory for their skipper and the crowd of Trivandrum which was witnessing international cricket after decades. It could be read from Kohli’s face as to how happy and contented he was having won the series against the best side in T20s. Way to go team India!

Here is the video:


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