Video: Rashid Khan Breaks The Middle Stump Into Two With His Googly

How often have you seen a spinner hit the stumps so hard that the timber cracks? Wait, what? How can a spinner break the timber? Well if you don’t believe me and if you thought only a pacer who oozes great pace can do it then this video will prove you wrong.


Rashid Khan just broke a stump with a googly and this video corroborates this rare sight. Playing in the Bangladesh Premier League for Comilla Victorians, the spin sensation from Afghanistan ripped of the timber stump and left everyone surprised.

Rashid did some serious damage not just to the batting order of the Chittagong Vikings but also the stump. Commila Victorians ended up defeating their opponents and added some valuable points in the point table against their name.

Rashid Khan is just 19 and the way he is coming up to the skies of glory is tremendous given the fact that no one even recognized cricket in Afghanistan a few years ago. At just 19 he is the third best bowler in the world as per the ICC rankings for T20s and this tells you that this player has a long way to go.

Here is the video: