Video: Yuvraj Singh Could Not Hold His Tears Back On KBC 9

Yuvraj Singh

How many of us would not be bogged down by cancer and make it back to the cricket field once again? Not many and hence Yuvraj Singh is a champion like no other. Yuvraj Singh, the architect of India’s World Cup win in 2011 is an amazing story of courage, grit and passion.


Just the mere thought of cancer would make us sink but this champion fought his cancer like a true sportsman and defeated his cancer to once again take to the cricket field. His phase of his encounter with cancer is the most emotional part of his life and this could be well seen in his tears which came to his eyes during KBC 9. As he talked about his fight with cancer and how it took a toll on his health and game, the stunning Singh got emotional and was in tears.

Yuvraj would feature in the KBC 9’s last episode to be aired on 6th November as he would be accompanied by the Bollywood veteran, Vidya Balan. Despite deteriorating health and a tumour thriving inside him Yuvraj Singh still played the 2011 World Cup as all he knew then was that he must win the World Cup for his team and Master Blaster Sachin. His never give up attitude sends across inspiration to millions.

Talking about how he had a tough time playing the 2011 World Cup Yuvraj Said, “When I woke up in the morning, little bit of red coloured mucous came out and also the tumour of 14 centimetres but I kept on playing. My health started declining eventually, the doctor suggested me that if I don’t take a treatment even now then it would be hard for me to be alive.”

We understand how tough it would have been to cope up with a tumor on the field and then how dreadful the fight with cancer would have been. We salute his spirit and we would always be thankful to him for being one of the pivotal reasons of India’s win in the 2011 World Cup. You are a champion and you would always remain one!

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