Virat Kohli Breaks The Myth About Viral Childhood Picture With Ashish Nehra

The picture which shows little Virat Kohli receive an award from Ashish Nehra has gone viral over the internet. The picture has been used to draw contrast between two time frames. One is of the times when Virat Kohli was small and received an award from Ashish Nehra and the other is of Ashish Nehra playing under the captaincy of Virat Kohli. This sums up Ashish Nehra’s farewell perfectly.


Ashish Nehra’s send off was heartening and the entire nation including even Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan poured their heart out for Nehra. Ashish Nehra’s potentials are much larger than what his figures speak for him. Sadly, the pacer’s career was always surround by injuries one after the other and his injuries intervened with his career drastically. During his 19 year long career Ashish Nehra underwent 12 surgeries and this tells you how his fitness somehow didn’t let him achieve what he was made for.

But bygones are bygones and Ashish Nehra received the most graceful and warm farewell of recent times. The entire crowd was in awe of him and also millions of people who watched him play for once last time on their TV screens. But the mystery continues, what is that Viral Picture about?

Virat reveals the myth around the viral picture.


The picture like we said has gone viral over the internet. Kohli looks a bundle of cuteness in that. So, when cheeku was asked about that picture he said that it’s a picture from 2003. This is of the times when team India has returned from the 2003 World Cup and Ashish Nehra was in a dream run of form. He said that he was 13 then and was struggling for a place in the school cricket team.

Kohli was all praises for Ashish Nehra and lauded him for a career spreading across decades. Kohli also praised Ashish Nehra for both, his cricketing capabilities and individuality.

The way Kohli made Ashish Nehra’s farewell very warm as a captain is something that came up as a very sweet gesture. Inside an angry young Kohli there is a heart of gold and he always reflects that. Anushka Sharma is one lucky girl and every player sharing the dressing room with Kohli is indeed very fortunate.

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