Virat Kohli Revealed Names Of Two Most Terrifying Pakistani Cricketers

The fact that Virat Kohli is the greatest batsman in the current cricketing scenario is undeniable. He’s a batsman who has redefined consistency and reliability in cricket. We wouldn’t be surprised if all record books soon have Kohli’s name against every possible batting record because he gives you that vibe that records are only meant for him.

Given his staggering popularity and the cool guy he is off the field we’re more than excited to know about everything he says and does. So, here we bring you another interview of your favourite Kohli from the show ‘Breakfast With Champions.’


Virat Kohli is someone who doesn’t feel intimidated by bowlers but rather bowlers are afraid to bowl to him. He has such class and wide range of shorts that he can even hit the best of balls beyond the ropes and this is where he’s a brand of a new class of cricket. I’m sure he visits a lot of bowlers in their dreams to thrash them all around the park, just like Shane Warne got Sachin nightmares. But is there any bowler who seems terrifying to Kohli?

Which 2 bowlers did Kohli find terrifying?

When Kohli says that he felt terrified to face a bowler than I don’t think there can ever be a bigger compliment than this for the bowler. Virat’s compliment is like the best compliment a bowler could ever get through his life.

Image source: facebook.com/viratkohli

Image source: facebook.com/viratkohli

On the show anchored by Gaurav Kapoor, Virat Kohli revealed that there are two Pakistani bowlers he’s been terrified to face. Any guesses?

No, it’s not Aamir even though Virat was all praises for Aamir in a recent interview. The bowlers Kohli found terrifying are Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Irfan (who wouldn’t be terrified of a 7 foot giant?)

Virat confessed that as a batsman he’s been terrified to face both of these bowlers and they have caused a lot of trouble for Kohli.

Virat on Zaheer Khan

Virat had a very interesting chat about Zak on the show. Virat talked about how Zaheer has had a very pivotal role in terms of Virat’s growth as a person and cricketer. Virat lauded Zaheer Khan and said, “ Anyone has any problem in life, Please speak with Zaheer Khan.” So, next time you need a counsellor, please contact Zak!

Virat on his Lady Luck

He’s always been very vocal about his love story. Anushka has been a constant support to him and the new Manyavar add is just so cute in terms of how Virat and Anushka seem so made for each other.


Taking about his Lady Luck Virat said that Anushka has helped him a lot to become a more sensible person. He expressed paramount gratitude for Anushka given she’s played a very imperative role in his life. Anushka was always there to motivate him and make sure that his confidence is always elated. They make the most perfect couple ever, don’t they?

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