Virat Kohli Reveals Why Hardik Pandya Bowled The Last Over

India’s bowling performance at Trivandrum was just exceptional and India wouldn’t have won the series had bowlers not accepted to onus to defend what looked an average score. The much anticipated decider of the series initially seemed drenched in heavy rains but thanks to the tenacious ground staff that we could see a game very soon after rain perished.

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The match was cut short to be 8 over per side and as India was defending the target of 67, Kohli decided to go with Pandya to bowl the last over. Bumrah has bowled a brilliant penultimate over and now New Zealand needed 19 in the final over. The skipper decided to throw the ball to Pandya to finish off things.
Kohli explained later as to why he decided to go with Pandya for bowling the last over. Kohli in a post match interview said, “ We had confidence in Hardik whose off cutters are good.”
He also revealed that the wicket was damp and the ball was sticking so he went to Pandya after every ball and after three balls Hardik told him that Kohli does not need to worry, he will do it.
He lauded the youngster’s confidence and said, “As a captain when you get that sort of confidence from your bowlers you aren’t left with much to say. He has confidence in his abilities and he finished well.” Kohli also talked about the great role and contribution the bowlers had in this series win over the Kiwis.
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This tell us how Kohli never fails to encourage his youngsters and how the youngsters respond to his faith. Hardik conceded 12 runs in the last over and India won the match by 6 runs and the series 2-1.
Kohli lauded the ground staff
Before the match had begun the ground staff was already a contender for ‘Man of the Match.’ They were just outstanding with their work and a game was possible after such a hefty shower was only possible because of them.
Appreciating the efforts of the ground staff Kohli said, “ I would like to compliment the ground staff as well for making the game happen so quickly.” Kohli never fails to extend appreciation to anyone who deserves it.