After Suranga Lakmal, This Indian Player Got Unwell On The Field

Irrespective of the result that comes out from the Kotla Test, this test match between India and Sri Lanka will be remembered for all wrong reasons. Much before this test match started in Delhi, Delhi was wrapped in a blanket of smog and the air quality in Delhi went much below the normal poor conditions in the national capital.


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The same smoggy and hazy weather has surrounded this test match since the very beginning of it. Sri Lankan players were seen with masks while fielding and were also seen feeling sickness due to weather conditions. This triggered a little debate within the cricket and fraternity and experts and Indian management believed that Sri Lanka was just making a fuss out nothing.

Sehwag even went on to call it a ploy to disrupt Kohli from getting a triple century. But on the fourth all arguments that pointed fingers at Sri Lankan players and coaches making a fuss fell flat.

First Lakmal and then Shami both got sick and threw up while on the field. Suranga Lakmal puked in the morning session and then when India came to bowl after declaration, Mohammad Shami too threw out soon after he gave Sri Lanka an early jitter.


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Clearly, these players have become victims of the hazardous weather surrounding Delhi and now this raises serious questions on the allocation of venues.

If Delhi being smoggy was known much before this series started then why wasn’t some other venue given to the third test? Who would answer all these questions? Who would own up for this miserable and shameful endorsement of cricket in India?

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