Anushka Sharma’s Spokesperson Makes A Big Statement About Her Marriage With Virat Kohli

The speculations about Indian Captain marrying the love of his life are going viral everywhere. There’s much excitement in cricket fans in India to see Virat Kohli get married to Anushka Sharma and hence everyone is eagerly waiting for their marriage to be announced.


One such speculation started to flow out of nowhere which has now been denied by Anushka’s PR team. The news that went viral everywhere suggested that the hot Indian captain and the gorgeous Bollywood actress would tie the know in Milan, Italy.

The news also talked about that the series of events would take place between 9th and 11th December, 2017. But to all such news and apparent rumours, the PR team of Anushka Sharma has put a period.

The Indian captain has been rested for the ODI series against Sri Lanka and Rohit Sharma will be leading the team. This break sought by Kohli was being looked as his time to get married.

News that came in was that the hotshot couple would soon be officially each other’s in the romantic city of Milan. However, the bubble of excitement this news triggered is now bursted.


In the very beginning of 2018, Kohli and his men would advance for the Proteas challenge. Everyone was assuming that the time Kohli finds between the end of Test Series with Sri Lanka and the beginning of the South Africa tour would be utilised by the skipper to marry his love.

Virat and Kohli form and amply adorable couple and we are indeed keen to hear about their marriage date to the earliest. It’s just amazing how the milestone man has been clean bowled in love. You got to say, “Rabb ne banadi jodi.”