Here Is The Reason Why Some Sri Lankan Players Are Wearing Masks Today

If you were watching the ongoing test match between India and Sri Lanka then you would have seen strange things happening on the field. Sri Lankan players were seen wearing masks while they were fielding.


Why were they wearing masks but? These scenes were very strange as something of this sort was seen on the cricket field for the very first time. Air quality in Delhi has been quite bad recently and the national capital has been wrapped in an ugly blanket of smog for a while now. This is exactly the reason why Sri Lankan players were seen fielding with masks and a few players even walked off feeling sick.

The play was interrupted many a times and this disturbed Indian batting too. For once even the manager of the Sri Lankan team walked out to have a chat with the umpires and the very next moment an infuriated coach of the Indian team, Ravi Shastri walked out too. Sri Lankan players seemed too disturbed about the air quality and player after player was seen waking out.

Ultimately there came a time when Sri Lanka had just 10 fielders on the field and they ran short of substitutes. Ravindra Jadeja and Saha were at the crease then. An angry Kohli stood up and declared asking the batsmen to comeback and put Sri Lanka in to bat.


There was much drama on the cricket field today and umpires looked really confused about strange things happening on the field. Sri Lankan players wearing masks was a bad endorsement of cricket in India and this might have sent wrong signals about India’s repute at the global level. Even now when Sri Lanka has been put to bat the lights are on and haze can still be seen.

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