In His Latest Interview Hardik Pandya Revealed Many Unknown Stories

Nothing drives you better than passion and this is what Hardik Pandya’s story of fame is all about. The reason why he is in the Indian team today, why he’s been able to actually live the dream that many in India see is because he never gave up on his passion.


Hardik Pandya has become an indispensable part of the Indian side and is gaining fame and popularity each day. But we know about his success, do we know about his struggle?

In his very recent interview with Gaurav Kapoor in Breakfast With Champions, Hardik talked about the passion he’s always had, his dreams, his candid attitude and most importantly about the struggle that led him to this success.

It’s very important that one must never forget where they come from and Hardik is very candid and honest about narrating the stories of his struggle and you would realise further that his struggle was indeed very harsh and testing but he overcame it.


Hardik is a true sportsman and he takes everything very supportingly. He was sporty when Gaurav Kapoor pulled his leg about his hairstyle and he even acted sporty when he was narrating his struggle. This corroborates the level of sportsmanship and easy going attitude the 24 year cricketing sensation has.

About his hair experiments


Taking a witty dig at Hardik’s hairstyle, Gaurav said that it’s only half done since Hardik had to rush somewhere. Gaurav said that seeing the hairstyle it seems that Hardik is a busy man. To this Hardik very sportingly responded and said that Shikhar removed all of it when he was asked to trim it a bit.

About Hardik’s grim struggle

His struggle ended with the IPL and before the IPL the struggle he had will leave you shocked. Talking about his struggle he said, “No one knew that for 3 years we struggled for every penny. Even saving 5/10 Rs was a big struggle for us. But after the IPL we won and since then there has been no looking back” Here he talked about Mumbai Indians winning the IPL.

About his Idols


Hardik Pandya has found two great idols in Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni. Talking about who he follows, he said, “I’m really following Mahi and Virat because of what they are and not what they have achieved. But the way they are after achieving them. Being disciplined, being nice to people.”

The young lad was in awe of the Indian Skipper and the former skipper and hailed them like he’s the biggest fan of both of them. Clearly this very candid side of his was unknown to us and this episode of Breakfast With Champions has made us know Hardik better.

Here is the video:

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