Murali Vijay’s Shot Injured Sri Lankan Player On Day 1. He Was Hospitalised

Cricket can be a dangerous affair at times just like any other sport for that matter. We being cricket fans have still not gotten over the tragedy wherein a young Phil Hughes lost his life after being hit by a delivery at the back of his neck.


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Cricket has its own share of uncertainties and this uncertainty is the most scary when one is fielding at short leg. The short leg fielder placed to attack the batsman and keep a fielder ready to catch the ball with great alertness. But being so closed to the bat can be very dangerous.

In the 30th over of the first day’s when Perera bowled a bouncer to Murali Vijay, Murali Vijay pulled it with great force but the shot only ended at Safeena Samarawickrama’a helmet who was fielding at the short leg. It was one fierce blow that carried great impact and the fielder was in all sorts of trouble.


Samarawickrama was struggling with pain and he had to be taken off the field. Later he also underwent a CT scan at the hospital. This was the second time Murali Vijay hit him It was the same batsman and the same fielder which were involved in a similar scene at Nagpur too.

During the second test of the ongoing series Murali Vijay hit Samarawickrama in his ribs while trying to play a shot. At Nagpur too the fielder had to be rushed of the field and seeing it happen again at Delhi it seemed like a Déjà Vu. The good news was that after his scans things were normal.


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He never returned on the field though but doctors suggested that he is fine and will be just monitored for a while before being looked after by the doctors the next day. We hope Samarawickrama a very speedy recovery.

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