New Salaries Of Indian Cricketers Revealed

The already affluently rich Indian cricketers are all set to be even richer. Soon your favourite Indians cricketers could end up being the cricketers with the highest pay scales.
Image Source: Twitter
While cricketers of Australia, England or South Africa don’t get much endorsements to their kitty but in India given the rich celebrity culture we have, Indian cricketers get way too many endorsements. Endorsements add a lot to what the Indian cricketers earn besides their salaries.
In a recent development Kohli, Dhoni and Head Coach, Ravi Shastri met the Supreme Court committee that is looking into the pay hikes of Indian cricketers. If things go well than A grade cricketers in India will get a salary of 12 crores per annum and Kohli’s earnings will make even the sky feel inferior. For grade B and Grade C cricketers the salaries of players would be 8 crores per annum and 4 crores per annum respectively.
Not the forget the hefty earnings that IPL brings in addition to what the players get from BCCI and endorsements. The discussions went on for almost half a day and their were long term discussions on the wage disparity of pay scales between cricketers of Indian, England and Australia.
Indian players have performed really well and it’s likely that their plea for rise in pay hikes. The Aussie Skipper, Steve Smith earns around Rs 12 crores in an year and so does the English Skipper, Joe Root. This disparity between pay scales has often been pointed out by Kohli time and again and now it seems that there would be a decision taken soon.