Rohit Sharma’s Ex-Girlfriend Makes A Controversial Statement After His Double Hundred

Before Rohit Sharma, the Indian vice captain married Ritika Sajdeh, his affair with girlfriend Sofia Hayat was a much talked about affair. Rohit Sharma reached an unbelievable feat in the second ODI at Mohali of the series that recently concluded.

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Rohit his his third ODI double century and took the world by storm. It was his marriage anniversary when he thrashed the Lankan bowlers all around the park to reach his third double century and he dedicated it to his beloved wife.

Rohit’s ex slammed him big time

After Rohit Sharma dedicated his third double century to his wife, Sofia Hayat slammed Rohit Sharma for giving credits to his wife. Rohit Sharma gained enormous popularity having achieved the splendid feat and he became the buzz but one person didn’t feel that Rohit deserved all of this fame. This person is no other than Rohit Sharma’s ex girlfriend Sofia.

Here’s what she said

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Sofia said that it’s good that he’s doing well in life but he’s only getting so much popularity because he is a man. She further said that people are discriminating things on gender.

She went on to say that no one went crazy when Kanchanmala won the olympics with her disability where as that was a more encouraging event and should have fetched more praise.

She made it clear that she would rather celebrate something bigger or a social cause and not Rohit’s their double century for sure.

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