Video: MS Dhoni Missed The Ball But Still Stumped Asela Gunaratne

The name is MS Dhoni and his passion is to get the better of the opposition every time. He has always been clinical in his work from behind the stumps and the first T20 witnessed the best of him yet again.

msdhoniapl1Image Source: Twitter

After adding to India’s total with a very vital knock of 39 runs from 22 balls, Dhoni did the rest with his wicket keeping. Dhoni showed that he’s still the boss and he’s always one step ahead of the opposition.

Magical Stumping

While bowling to Gunaratne,Yuzvendra Chahal drifted one down the leg side. In a very rare scene Dhoni failed to collect the bowl cleanly and it seemed that Gunaratne whose feet went out of the crease will survive.


But Dhoni being Dhoni directed the ball towards the stump and stunned everyone with a magical stumping.

Despite not being able to collect the ball cleanly he got the better of Gunaratne and this tell you that his reflexes are still the quickest despite his withering age.

Here is the video:

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