Video: Sarfaraz Ahmad Picks Between Virat Kohli and Joe Root

The Pakistani Skipper, Sarfaraz Ahmad was asked about his preference among Virat Kohli and Joe Root. His answer was pretty obvious. Without even sparing a second thought Sarfaraz picked up Virat Kohli over Joe Root and aren’t we delighted to hear that?


Taking to Geo TV, Sarfaraz said that though Kohli and Root are both outstanding but Kohli defeats Root when it comes to fitness. He said that Kohli leaves behind Root when it’s about fitness and we must appreciate this honest answer from the 30 year old Pakistan Skipper.

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He was also asked as to why he never tries the iconic ‘Helicopter Shot’ and his reply to this was interesting too. Sarfaraz said that though he has never tried it but he’d want to try it if he ever gets an overpitched yorker in his radar.

The Pakistan Skipper is a great leader and he won the Champions Trophy this year for his nation after defeating India in the finals. He’s been an impressive captain and has injected a new enthusiasm in his team and hence his team’s performance has enhanced.

Here is the video:

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