Virat Kohli Met Narendra Modi And Twitterati Are Busy Trolling

The newly wedded power couple of Virat Kohli and Anushka had the leverage of meeting the honourable Prime Minister of India. While Kohli is the undisputed best batsman, Narendra Modi enjoys the same stature in the field of Indian politics.


When the two meet it’s bound to create a buzz and that’s exactly what happened when Modi Ji met Virat and Anushka.

Virat and Anushka exchanged marriage vows in Tuscany, Italy in a stealthy manner. After their marriage which was a secret affair the coupe spent romantic moments in Rome and Finland.

The couple met the Prime Minister to invite him for their wedding reception to be hosted on 21st October. Modi too has a reason to celebrate as BJP emerged victorious in both, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat.


As Kohli and Anushka met Modi Ji the internet went crazy with trolls. From Gujarat elections to Aadhar Card the internet exploded with trolls and jokes made on pictures of Virat and Anushka meeting the Prime Minister.

These jokes are just hilarious and you won’t be able to tame your laughter after reading them. These trolls are going bizarrely viral and the internet is literally drooling over them.

Now we all would anxiously wait to see if Narendra Modi spares time to see the adorable couple on their grand reception.

Here are some of the hilarious memes that the fans came up with:

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