Virat Kohli Reveals The Incident That Changed The Mindset Of Team India

There’s been a great change in team India’s attitude and perspectives ever since Virat Kohli has taken over as the test captain. He’s also been fortunate enough to have the best pool of players who’ve been turning fortunes in India’s favour. Virat has added great positivity and confidence to the side and most importantly every player in the side has responded to it.

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But what’s that once incident that changed the dressing room drastically and made India the toughest opposition? Here’s what Virat Kohli revealed about the incident that changed things forever for the Indian team and how that change was absorbed by Kohli and his men.

Team India is now the No 1 Test team in the world and it is a consequence of enormous hard work and the self belief of the team which came to them after this one incident Kohli talked about.

The turning point

Talking about transition in the team’s attitude, Kohli said that it all changed in the Adelaide test. Kohli said that one the forth day of the test when Australia had not declared yet he talked to his teammates about the match in the team bus. Kohli revealed that he told his teammates that whatever may be the target but they would go for it and try to chase it.

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No one in the team objected and they went for it on the last day. Kohli’s magnificent hundred almost won it for India and this is where the team started to believe in itself. This particular incident imbibed so much faith in the team that they’ve started to believe that they can defeat any opposition in the world if they play to their potentials.

Kohli has emerged as a great captain and as a great leader. He has motivated everyone to push themselves beyond limits in not just performance but fitness. Kohli’s impeccable leadership has inflicted a great change on the team and hence it’s performing the way it is. Well done Captain Kohli!

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