What Rohit Sharma Did For A Sri Lankan Fan Will Melt Your Heart And Make You Love Him

The contest between India and Sri Lanka got fierce after India faltered big time in the first game at Dharamshala. India wouldn’t have expected the defeat Sri Lanka handed over to India in the first ODI.


But amid this fierce contest surged a generous gesture of Rohit Sharma for a Sri Lankan cricket fan.

Three die hard fans of Sri Lanka Mohamed Nilam, Pubudu and Gayan Senananyaka are in India to support their national cricket team. They were to be in India till 26 December. 26 December is when India finishes its fixtures with Sri Lanka.

But unfortunately Nilam’s Father got diagnosed with throat cancer back in Sri Lanka. Nilam had his return ticket booked for 26 December and couldn’t go back early on the same ticket.

Rohit Sharma bought Nilam’s return ticket

The crazy Indian fan, Sudhir Gautam told Rohit about Nilam’s problem. Rohit Sharma revealed his generous self and called Nilam to the hotel and bought him his return ticket. This is a great display of generosity by the stand in Indian Skipper. The ticket costed around 20000 Rupees. Nilam further revealed that Rohit also helped him with his father’s surgery.

Virat offered help too


When Virat got to know about this he too expressed his concern. Virat texted Nilam to enquire if he needs any help and offered his support. This is something great to know, this is India’s star cricketers beyond cricket for you, at their human best.

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