Age Is Just A Number And These Cricket Couples Prove That

Love has never learned any logic. If it is logical then perhaps it is not true love. Age is one such logic which love often ignores for age is just a number. It does not matter how different are two companions in terms of age but what matter is their connection. Hearts should match and not numbers. Neither is love dependent on age nor is true love any dependent on the bank balance.

So, we bring you some popular couples from the world of cricket and the age difference between these cricketers and their wives will only leave you to believe in the fact that indeed age is just a number and love does not care about it at all.


  1. Sachin Tendulkar And Anjali


Sachin Tendulkar is a cricketer who is not just popular for his records but also for his adorable love story. Anjali Tendulkar is 6 years elder to Sachin and yet they form such a lovely couple. Anjali has been a constant companion in all his ups and downs.


2. MS Dhoni and Sakshi


The former Indian captain and one of India’s most worshipped cricketer too has a love story across ages. His wife Sakshi is 7 years younger to him but yet the two make a perfect couple and Ziva has brought enormous happiness in their lives.


3. Dinesh Karthik


The wicketkeeper-batsman is married to the famous Squash player Deepika Pallikal. They form a great couple together. Deepika is 6 years younger to Karthik.

4. Shoaib Akhtar


The Rawalpindi Express married in 2014. At the time of his marriage he was 42 years of age while his better half, Rubab was just 23. Since then the two have been happily married.

5. Shikhar Dhawan


Dhawan met Ayesha over the social media and then the two decided to get married. Shikhar Dhawan is 10 years younger than his wife but they form a great couple together. The two are madly in love with each other and it shows every time.

6. Irfan Pathan


The handsome cricketer from Baroda was 32 when he got married to Safa Baig while Safa was just 22 years old. In 2016 a baby boy added utter happiness to their life and family got completed.

7. Glenn McGrath


The former Aussie speedster is 12 years elder than his beautiful wife. He is married to Sara Leonardi who is an interior designer.


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