Ben Stokes Lands In A Big Trouble. His Career Can Go DownHill


The stylish all-rounder of England has been charged with a brawl. This brawl is about an incident from a nightclub in Bristol. Having missed the Ashes it seems he is likely to stay away from the game for even longer.


This incident hails back from September and this affray left a man with a fractured eye socket. Ben Stokes was involved in an ugly brawl in a nightclub in September. A person was left seriously injured and charges have been levelled against Stokes for the same.

Police investigated the matter and in November the police sent their findings to the Crown Prosecution Service. Now after a few months charges of a brawl have been levelled against the English all-rounder. He has been charged with the brawl with two others.

The all-rounder was left out for the Ashes as the England Cricket Board decided to keep him off until further notice. Now with charges being levelled against Ben Stokes, it only deepens his troubles and also the team’s as they would have to miss out on having Ben Stokes for even longer than they would have thought.

The 26-year-old cricketer would now have to appear before the Magistrate’s Court on the given dates. Ben Stokes has been booked along with Ryan Ali and Ryan Hale.

The England Cricket Board has conveyed that will decide upon the availability of Ben Stokes for England within next 48 hours. It seems like the troubles for the ECB and Ben Stokes are only mounting.


Image Courtesy: BCCI

Image Courtesy: BCCI

If the case is tried on the indictment in the crown court then the maximum punishment may be up to three months in prison. If the charges against the cricketer are tried in the magistrate’s court then it may lead to a fine or an imprisonment up to 6 months. In any case, there is a lot of trouble headed the youngster’s way.

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