Jonty Rhodes Shares A Very Special Message For MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is a global cricketing icon and it’s not just his cricket which makes him one but also his calm personality. The former Indian captain continues to be one of the most worshiped cricketers in India and one of the most respected gentlemen across the global cricketing fraternity.


You would rarely come across any hatred or disrespect for this man who’s earned himself much more respect than runs he clobbered.

MS Dhoni is off to South Africa to join the Indian squad for the ODI and T20 series. In his safe hands on the flight are adorable kids of Jonty Rhodes, the former South African champion cricketer.



It’s beautiful how Jonty shares such a cordial relationship with India. He’s been in our nation’s awe so much so that he even named her daughter as ‘India.’ Jonty Rhodes was a on a long Indian vacation in India with his family and he was seen sharing a lot of photographs of his adventurous exploration of India. From exploring the Indian rivers to enjoying various Indian delicacies, the best fielder ever did it all on his expedition.

Jonty and Mahi coincidentally ended up on the same flight to South Africa. While Mahi is on his way to join the Indian team for the limited overs fixtures, Jonty Rhodes is going back home with his family. Rhodes shared an amply cute picture of his kids in MS Dhoni’s hands.

In the picture both India and Nathan have been held safely by MS Dhoni. He also added a tinge of sarcasm to the post and said that Nathan and India are giving some important cricketing advice to MS Dhoni as they share the same flight.

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