Shahid Afridi Talked About Kohli’s Aggression And How It Affects The Team

Virat Kohli is unarguably the best batsman across formats. He’s shown his dominance against every opposition and at every ground. Some of the best legends of have played the have already declared him as the best batsman across eras.


The cricket fraternity is in complete awe of the 29 year old Indian Skipper and his fans too can’t get enough of him.

Virat Kohli has made scoring a century quite habitual. Every time he goes out to bat he destroys the opposition. Kohli has reached 34 ODI centuries from just 205 games and he’s inching closer day by day to Sachin’s record of the most ODI centuries. He’s now the favourite to own this record.

Afridi Speaks About Kohli’s Aggression

The debate about Kohli being the best batsman is now ever. He’s the best and much has been said and done about it. But Kohli’s aggression always comes under scrutiny time and again. Shahid Afridi has commented on Kohli’s aggression. Here’s what he said

“The way Virat Kohli is taking Indian team ahead, he is doing a fantastic job. Controlled aggression is always good. One should be aggressive, Virat has it in him. If you look at Dhoni then he is very cool-minded and relaxed. Everyone has their own nature. Virat has his own style to lead his team and controlled aggression is acceptable.”

Afridi at present is playing ice cricket in Switzerland. Boom Boom Afridi feels that Kohli is doing a great job and also explained that a sense of controlled aggression is absolutely fine.

“We sportspersons are ambassadors from our respective countries. We should look to do positive things. Politicians should do what they are supposed to, but I think we sports persons can play a bigger role for both the countries. I have always maintained that the better the relations are between India and Pakistan, we will deliver a blow to those who are against us,”

Do you think Kohli’s aggression helps India in a positive way? Or is it something Kohli needs to work upon .

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