Watch: MS Dhoni Back To Sporting Long Hair? This Video Will Make MS Dhoni Fans Crazy

MS Dhoni is one of the most popular cricketers all over the world. His contributions to Indian cricket as a captain and an individual are huge and we would never be able to credit him enough for that. When the legend made it to the world of international cricket, his hairstyle became the talk of the town.

MS Dhoni. (Image Source: Twitter)

MS Dhoni. (Image Source: Twitter)

His long hair mesmerised many and even the ravishing divas of Bollywood including Deepika Padukone were mesmerised by him. He was apparently secretively dating Deepika Padukone before marrying Shakshi. His long hair also got the admiration of former President of Pakistan, Parvez Musharraf who asked him to not get a haircut ever.


Image Source: Sportswallah



MS Dhoni’s iconic hairstyle which has not been seen for a while was once again seen. MS Dhoni sported long hair for a TV commercial. This commercial was shot for snickers and MS Dhoni was seen playing a warrior in this commercial.

Here is the video:

This video refreshes our memories of that iconic long hairstyle with which Mahi impressed everyone. Shouldn’t he try this haircut for real yet another time?

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