Yet Another Massive Allegation Imposed On Shami By Wife Hasin Jahan Which Could End His Career

Yet Another Massive Allegation Imposed On Shami By Wife Hasin Jahan Which Could End His Career

Mohammed Shami’s wife has been leveling allegations one after the other over Mohammad Shami and clearly, the Indian pacer is on the backfoot. His career has been jeopardized by all these allegations and the BCCI even kept his name on hold as they announced the new list of contracts on Wednesday.


In yet another revelation, which comes out to be the biggest of all accusations, Mohammed Shami’s wife, Hasin Jahan has alleged Shami of match-fixing. Here is what she said

“If Md. Shami can cheat me then he can cheat the county as well. He accepted money from a Pakistani girl named Alisbah in Dubai. He agreed to accept it after the insistence of England-based Mohammed Bhai. I have proof,”

She says that she even has the evidence of Shami’s involvement in match-fixing. She revealed all this in an interview given to ABP News.

Before this, she had alleged that Mohammed Shami has been involved in extramarital affairs in India as well as abroad. She also disclosed that Shami’s family even wanted to kill her.

His wife further revealed that whatever she has posted on the social media is just the tip of an iceberg and Shami has multiple relationships. Here is what she said,

“Whatever I have posted is just the tip of the iceberg. Shami’s acts are far more heinous. I couldn’t finish reading his chats for an entire night. He has relationships with multiple women in India as well as abroad,”

Hasin Jahan further revealed that Mohammed Shami’s family used to torture her relentlessly and in a massive allegation she even said that Shami’s family wanted to kill her. In her shocking revelations, she said,

.“Everyone in their family used to torture me. His mother and brother used to abuse me. The tortures continued till 2-3 am in the morning. They even wanted to kill me,”

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