Aakash Chopra Tweeted Something Very Funny About The MI vs RCB Match

Aakash Chopra is one of the most popular Hindi commentators in India and he has a very good following on social media. Aakash Chopra, after retiring from cricket, took up cricket writing and he used to technical columns on ESPNcricinfo.com.


But, soon, Star Sports India launched their Hindi channel and Aakash Chopra became a prominent voice for them in commentary box. In the ongoing eleventh season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2018), Akash Chopra is once again doing a good job in the commentary box and entertaining the Hindi-watching audience with his crisp and clear commentary.

Before the Mumbai India and Royal Challengers Bangalore on Tuesday, Chopra posted a very funny tweet and took a suite dig at the “Sharma connection” in the match. Aakash’s tweet became an instant hit among his followers. At the time of writing this post, there were close to 3000 likes and 586 retweets on his tweet.

This is what Aakash Chopra tweeted:

And here is how his followers replied: