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Shahid Afridi Insults India Again. This Time It’s About IPL

Shahid Afridi is one of the best players of Pakistan Cricket team. Many young players and his fans look out to him as their mentor and role-model.

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However, after his recent, ‘insensitive’ tweet regarding Kashmir has created an ugly controversy for him. Everyone was stunned when the topmost cricket player backed the terrorists by calling them “innocent”.

In his tweet he mentioned, how United Nations are not taking any actions on the worrisome situation in the ‘Indian Occupied Kashmir’. Here’s what he tweeted:

Since his ‘senseless’ tweet, Shahid Afridi has been on the receiving end of receiving hatred and criticism from the Indians. From Indian fans to celebrities, everyone has took to twitter to share their disappointment towards the cricketer on his baseless tweet.


Even after all this, Shahid Afridi is stick to his insensitive remarks. During an interview, he said:

 “I firmly stand by what I said earlier about what is happening in Occupied Kashmir.”


Not just this, but Shahid Afridi has also been criticizing Indian media by saying that it is playing a ‘negative role’ in this issue. He also said:

I spoke against India because of its involvement in human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir as Indian forces have killed innocent Kashmiris in the valley in last few days,


Shahid Afridi also revealed that he can fight with any religion for the sake of stopping human violation. He said:

“I am proud what our forces are doing and I am also a soldier of Pakistan army.”


Talking about the upcoming season of Indian Premier League, Shahid Afridi said that he will never play for IPL, even if he is given chance and if this wasn’t all, he claimed that soon Pakistan Super League will be bigger than Indian Premier League. He concluded by saying:

“The day is not far that PSL will be bigger than IPL,” 

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