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Ahmed Shahzad Joins Shahid Afridi In Insulting India

It’s been a few days since Shahid Afridi tweeted some insensitive remarks on the condition of Kashmir. Everyone felt offended when the top most player like him backed the terrorists by calling them innocent and called Kashmir as ‘Indian-Occupied State’.


Everyone was shocked to see how he could utter such senseless things about the most sensitive matter. Considering the fact that Kashmir is one of the main reasons behind the fight between two countries, India and Pakistan.  Here’s what he tweeted:

Many cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar, Suresh Raina, Mohammad Kaif, Ishant Sharma, Gautam Gambhir and many more, took to twitter and asked the cricketer to concentrate on the situations of his own country.


After the insensitive tweet by Shahid Afridi every one took to twitter to take out their anger through tweets which resulted in twitter battle between the two countries. Twitter saw a flood of tweets against Shahid Afridi.


Now, Ahmad Shahzad, the Pakistani cricketer has backed Shahid Afridi on the issue. He retweeted an old photograph that was posted by Shahid Afridi, in which he can be seen posing with Indian flag. Here have a look at the picture:

Here’s what Ahmad Shahzad commented:

The tweet read:

When this picture was being taken Lala insisted that the flag be held upright..as it shld b. As neighbors v have rights toward each other n also responsibility 2 spread peace n love. It hurts me 2 c the way my Indian peers reacting to our national hero..totally not cool”

Even after all the controversy, stood on his statement and said that he can fight with any religion for the sake of stopping human violation.

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