Bhuvi’s Wife Was Asked “Has He Changed After Marriage?”


Bhuvneshwar Kumar, is undoubtedly one of the most hard-working cricketer. In this edition of Indian Premiere League, Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been  promoted as the vice captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad as the Australian pacer David Warner has been banned from playing for a complete one year.


However, Bhuvneshwar deserves this position the most as he has been giving phenomenal performance in one match after the other over a past couple of years. Apart from his great performances, Bhuvi is known for his shy and reserved nature.

Bhuvi’s wife, Nupur Nagar has made many revelations about the cricketer, during an interview with The Quint. Nupur revealed that being married to a cricketer isn’t an easy task, it is difficult at times because of the traveling that involves in this work.


Nupur also revealed about their lesser known love story. She told that she was only 11 and Bhuvi was 13 when they first met with each other, she revealed that her husband was more decent earlier as compared to now, she said:
He was more decent and innocent earlier, now he’s become smarter,” 

However, Bhuvi was quick to reply he said:
That’s called maturity.”


When asked about if Bhuvi’s shy nature is similar off the ground too, she said:
“No, that’s the public appearance.”

Well, it was fun getting to know this side of Bhuvi that is usually hidden on the ground and it is not that often that you get to see an ace bowler like him get stumped by his own wife.


Sunrisers Hyderabad will be next seen playing against Mumbai Indians on 12th April.

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