Watch: DJ Bravo Tried To Troll Chris Gayle. What Happened Next Is Hilarious

The excitement and thrill in last night’s match was no less than that of any finale match. Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab, gave each other nail biting competition.
Chris Gayle from KXIP and Dhoni from CSK, both of them made the match even more interesting and thrilling.
In the first innings, it was Chris Gayle who took away the match with the storm, smashing hits after hits. He gave a thunderous performance as he scored 63 runs in 33 balls including 7 fours and 4 sixes.
In the second innings, it was Dhoni who took away all the limelight by giving an amazing performance. He sank in all the pressure and remained calm till the last ball. He scored 79 runs in 44 balls with the strike rate of 179. He made the bowl reach on every corner of the ground with heights. He smashed 6 fours and 5 sixes.
Apart from brilliant performance, in the match we all saw various heart touching moments between our cricketers. First it was Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni’s ultimate bromance, which caught everyone’s eye, while he was lying on the ground injured and Yuvraj Singh came to check Dhoni.
Now, in other video, we bring you another example of sportsmanship and bromance between our favorite overseas players, Dwayne Bravo and Chris Gayle.
In the first innings, when KXIP was batting, Chris Gayle shoelace had come off. Since he has the pads and gloves on, he couldn’t tie them by himself, therefore, Dwayne Bravo came to his rescue. Being from other team, Dwayne Bravo tied the shoelace of his fried Chris Gayle and won millions of heart with his gesture.
Have a look at the video:
Well, this what makes cricket so special. The love and bond our cricketers share with each other is beyond any competition.
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